Aug 5, 2012


Am I the only one who pins about a million pins a day and doesn’t ever follow through to make them?? I decided I’ll tell you which ones I’ve tried and if they’re a no or a go. mkay? Here goes:
I have made these snickerdoodles twice in the last week. They are DElicious. Granted the first time we gave some away…But I highly suggest you make a double batch. A single batch doesn’t seem like near enough...


I also tried this lemonade cake. To be honest it didn’t turn out as heavenly as I had hoped. However, it could have been my fault, I tend to over mix things. The frosting was amazing though. I’m thinking I might just make a batch of frosting just to eat by the spoonful. Just kidding. But really…

Did you know about this cute website?? They have TONS of free backgrounds for your iphone or ipad. SO so cute.

I tried this recipe to make your house smell ah-mazing. And oh boy, it did! Love love love. I might have to do this once a week…

Have you tried any of your pins?? Have any favorites to share?!

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