Apr 27, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 7}

Is it Friday again already?? I feel like the weeks are flying by now...Maybe because we're getting close to the baby coming and it doesn't seem so far away. Now I feel like pressure is on to get the house ready for a newborn again! Here are some of my faves from this week...

1. Gotye. Where have I been?? Oh that's right stuck in my house...not listening to the radio. My sister showed me their song the other day and I've been wanting to buy their cd ever since.

2. Swagbucks. Anyone else love it like me?? I'm the type to google everything. Just ask my husband. 99% of the time when we are debating something it ends up in "I'll google it!". But instead of using google I use swagbucks. I just earned another $5 gift card to amazon for my kindle books. LOVE IT!

3.  Fun. I've loved The Format since I can remember so naturally I love the band Fun. too. I'm dying to get their cd as well. Maybe I'll be using my amazon gift cards on music instead...

4. These lace crowns have got to be the cutest thing I've seen. Ever. I'm going to have to make some of these for my girls...

5. I need to makeover my bathroom asap. This is exactly what we need in our master bath. Seeing as we have ZERO storage in there...PS I know the pin leads to nowhere but I can't find the right link to save my life!! I've searched all over pinterest, google and swagbucks and can't find it?? But it's a good picture for inspiration to show my husband when I recruit him to do it for me ;)

Apr 20, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 6}

1. I love this zig-zag tray. It’s sold, but I feel like it would be an easy DIY. Now I just need to find me a tray to paint.

2. These pillows are darling. I need to make them for my girls room asap.
3. These swim cover ups would be perfect for beach & lake trips. Except, I keep forgetting I’ll have a newborn this summer so we’ll see if I even make it out of the house ;)
cover up
4. This blanket is adorable. Now if only I could crochet…
5. Yet, another reason to learn how to crochet…giant doily rug

Apr 17, 2012

Happy Tax Day!


Anyone else frantically trying to file their taxes? No? Just us?? I swear we are the epitome of procrastination around here. BUT happy news! Sonic has Happy Hour allll day today. So go enjoy a giant vanilla coke…or whatever your vice may be. You know I am :)

Apr 12, 2012

Scrap Busting Bows

So, as I’ve said before, I hoard my fabric scraps. It’s true. I can not seem to throw them away. I feel like I will always find a way to use them, and I usually do. Since I’ve been hanging out in bed so much lately I decided to organize all my fabric/felt scraps by color into zip-loc bags. Yes, these are the types of projects you come up with while on bed rest to keep busy :). While I was going through them I realized how many cute fabrics & combinations I had in teeny tiny scraps. Then I got to thinking that I should make some cluster bows. Brilliant! These bows are so much fun to make and use up all those itty bitty scraps you may be saving. Or not. Now I have a bag full of bows that I just need to assemble into headbands/clips. So. Much. Fun. Maybe I love it so much because otherwise I’d be reading yet another book or watching another pointless show on Netflix. I’m officially on the downhill of bedrest and it feels oh so good! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. K that might be a little too dramatic but I can’t tell you how excited I am to mop my floor and go grocery shopping. Two things I loathed 6 months ago.

Here are some pictures of the clips/headbands I’ve made, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration. How fun would it be for a craft night for everyone to bring a bunch of individual little flowers they’ve made and then mix and match with everyone else’s to make some super cute headbands? collage

 bow2 bowbow3

“K mom quit taking pictures of me. I’m done”

Hahah I love the faces I get from Miss B while taking pictures. She has some pretty sassy poses and some pretty fiesty faces she can pull off…Hope you all are enjoying your week!

Apr 6, 2012

Friday Faves {Easter Ideas}

Here are my Friday Faves this week...it's only fitting that it's Easter themed :) I'm going to be storing these away on my Pinterest board for next year. My poor girls will be getting a pretty boring Easter experience this weekend, so next year we'll be making up for it! Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!

1. These are some cute embellished shirts I plan on making next year...



2. These are so fun. The girls would love them!

3.  How cute are these?? And super east/fast to make...

5. We all know I love me a good banner. Too bad I have too many for Spring as it is...This one is lovely.