Aug 3, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 13}

1. Ah I’m loving the Olympics this week guys! Gymnastics and swimming are my favorites but something about watching the Olympics makes me all patriotic and proud of our country! Can I complain for a second? Why does the news keep ruining the surprises?? I turned it on this morning and found out everyone who won gold…which we weren’t supposed to see til tonight. Lame.

2. I’m loving this mini sock bun on Miss B. Seriously, tooooo cute! (Maybe I’m just happy she’ll actually let me tame her wild locks) Also I can’t get enough of her poses. HIlarious. Find out how to make a pencil skirt here.
sb sock
sb sock bun3
3. This fabric. I just bought a remnant and can’t decide what to use it for! Am I the only one that has a hard time cutting up pretty fabric??
4. Jimmy Johns. YUM. We went last night for dinner and even the girls gobbled up their sandwiches. I promise I do cook…sometimes.
Happy Weekend Everyone!!
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  1. I hate how the news keeps ruining the surprises too!! So annoying! I'm at work at a computer all day so I go to MSN and it says "BREAKING NEWS SO AND SO WON GOLD!" And it's the worst!


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