Aug 18, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 14}

(On a Saturday :) )

1. Fudgie Squares. Yum. I've been craving these for awhile and decided to make them tonight. Love them. Find the recipe here.


2. Facebook. Woot woot I finally joined facebook. I honestly don't get the difference between pages and regular facebook accounts. But lets get real here I don't truly understand facebook either..But follow me here!

3. Um. Have you heard of Very Jane?? Because I'm obsessed. Every day I get their emails and now I think I need to order something always. "ahhh I totally need that necklace/headband/jewelry case/everything!!" Oh and remember this friday faves?? I got a super cute yellow necklace. For $20. Love my life.

4. I just ordered these for Miss B for school and I can't WAIT for her to wear them. Let's all pray she doesn't boycott them like she does with every other outfit I buy for her...

5. So, we just played the game of things and it was HI larious. I loved it! AND we even got Kyle to play, shocking!! I know he secretly like it...


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  2. Ahhh!! I died when I saw those leopard skinny's at Gap. I'm sure she will be extra sassy in those.


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