Sep 13, 2013

Friday Faves {no. 31}

1. Remember how much I love Joy Folie?? Well guess what! They have Joy Folie shoes on Zulily today!! Dream come true. I'm thinking a certain birthday girl needs some new shoes. They are to. die.for.

2. I love the look of this Halloween decor from Centsational Girl. I'm so ready for fall!

3. Kyle and I just signed up for this and I love it! We are using the cloud space to hold all of our pictures and you get money back on everything you buy online! Which includes Home depot. score!

4. I love these little stools. I feel like this could be a cool DIY project...

5. My cute cousin just started a blog called Bella Vie. You all should check it out...I also think this recipe she posted looks perfect for a cold fall day (Still just hoping for some cooler weather. It's still in the hundreds here!!)

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