Feb 29, 2012

Felt Bow Bonanza!

With all this extra time on my hands I decided I needed to do something a little creative. So, I may or may not have gone a little overboard on making felt bows. They’re so simple to make and are definitely a project I could do while laying in bed. I also have been borrowing my husbands laptop and am trying to figure out photoshop. Any tips for me?? What are the easiest tutorials to follow? I’m having a hard time figuring it out on my own…Anyways I decided to take looots of pictures so enjoy :) These little bows have been around a long time and are pretty much self explanatory but I figured I’d do a “tutorial” of pictures to explain how I make these little cuties. My girls have had fun trying on every color, which I love because they refuse to let me do their hair. At least if they’re wearing a bow it kind of looks like a tried right?? Hope you’re having a great leap day!


felt bow tutorial copyIMG_6350IMG_6353IMG_6359IMG_6366IMG_6361IMG_6405IMG_6407IMG_6384


  1. Okay - We must be related for two reasons.

    1 - I just made June a yellow felt bow with lace center yesterday.

    2 - June owns BOTH of the shirts your adorable girls are wearing in these pictures. NO JOKE. In the same colors. I couldn't believe it.

    Also, you have great taste! :)

    1. Haha I love it! Great minds think alike :)

  2. I love all of the bows. They all turned out so cute! I would love if you would share with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday! http://thecraftyblogstalker.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-stalking-thursday-30.html

  3. Camille. Way to be productive on your bedrest...I think I would just watch tv/movies ALL day!! Your girls are adorable. The pictures of Beelee playing with the phone is the STORY of my life w Grace. I love those smart little 3 year olds and their skills with technology. It's almost unreal! The bows are the cutest thing ever and I totally agree that if a bow is in their hair its "done". So, way to go girl!!

  4. Love the bows... if only my little girl would let me put them in her hair :/

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Angela @ A little about A LOT

  5. yaay! i love felt bows like this. i would love for you to add this to my new link party... spreading the love. please go check it out if you are interested! there's a great scarf giveaway going on there as well!
    {love} lauryn @ love notes by lauryn

  6. Um...these are so adorable! And look pretty simple! I would love one of those on a cute headband for ME! :-) I would love for you to stop by and link this up to our Naturally-Nifty party! (it closes tonight at midnight)



  7. So cute! I don't have a daughter but I bet they'd look adorable on a pillow. :)

    Would love it if you came by and linked up!


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