Nov 8, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 21}

Hey Hey everyone. I drank a large coke with dinner and I don’t think I’m going to be bed anytime soon. If this post seems a little off it may be because I am a little too awake at the moment.

1. Please tell me you’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s CD constantly too? I’m obsessed. P.S. I used my swagbucks to buy it. Love free stuff and love this cd.


2. I just got this new app called Shop Kicks and it’s kind of cool. You get “kicks” for walking into stores/ scanning things. Then you use those kicks to buy gift cards. Plus you can get special coupons and deals too. Maybe I love it because they give you kicks for going to Target. And maybe I go to Target every day of my life. Don’t judge.

3. I also just got the “Talking Ginger” app for my girls and they think it’s the funniest thing ever. We have been playing for over a week and we still think it’s hilarious.

4. I love these yarn wrapped trees. I’m helping out with a church Christmas dinner and I think these would make for some fun centerpieces.


5. Could you just die over these shoes?? I could buy every single pair for my girls and be a happy camper. Anyone want to donate to the “My girls need cute shoes fund?” Brynlee would truly appreciate it ;)



  1. What the kicks? I'm so getting this app. Thanks for the tip! I LOVE the T swift songs I have heard, I haven't wanted to pay for the CD so maybe I will check out swagbucks too!

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