Nov 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hope ya’ll had a fantastic Halloween!! We did. It was crazy busy and I’m not going to lie, by the time it was actually Halloween I was kind of burnt out. But the girls loved trick or treating, until Brynlee got traumatized by a skeleton with a motion sensor. Here are our super cool Halloween decorations this year (as you can see I’m kind of a party pooper when it comes to this holiday…) Bring on November!!


Find out how I made this witch silhouette here.


I made this banner 2 years ago and still love it! I believe I got the idea/printable letters from The Crafting Chicks.


Brynlee decided last year she wanted to be Cruella de ville for Halloween and has been excited ever since to dress up! For some reason Brynlee always loves the villain in all of the Disney movies but Cruella is her favorite of them all. She is hilarious and has the perfect feisty attitude to go with her costume. My talented mother-in-law made the adorable costume. The wig was a little skewed in all these pictures…Of course I didn’t notice that until 2 seconds ago…And since I’m a slacker mom I just bought the Dalmatian jammies from Gap. And now that all of the Halloween madness has died down I hope to catch up on life again.

Oh! And here is my version of Classy Clutter’s Halloween Wreath :)


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