Nov 15, 2012

Burlap & Fabric Pumpkins

I helped out with a craft night for our church and thought some fabric pumpkins would be a cheap easy project for a large group of women. Once I started making some to display though, I couldn’t stop! They are so cute and SO easy and fast. I kept looking around for more embellishments & scrap fabrics to make more. So fun! Here’s the simple little tutorial how to make some of your own. Also you can download the Fall subway art here for free!

1. Cut out a circle. Any size. Any Fabric.  2. Double up your thread and sew a basic stitch around your circle. Pull pretty tight, fill with stuffing, beans, or rice. (I used poly-fil). Stitch it closed. 3. Hot glue a small stick in the hole and embellish the top. I used a variety of curly wire, twine, lace, & ric-rac. The possibilities are endless. 4. Make up a whole bunch and display!
fabric pumpkin collage


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  2. What a great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing! I just love it!

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