Oct 5, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 18}

I’ve been having a very unmotivated week. My husband and I have been watching a lot of redbox movies and catching up on laundry. Anyone else get in these funks?? I need to get myself out of this quick, the holidays are coming!! Maybe looking at some of these fun projects everyone else is doing will motivate me to get my own done??
1. I love this party and the “We’ve been Boo’d” printable. Super cute.

2. Is this not the most amazing pantry?? Someday in my dream home…This will take you to the motherload of pantry ideas…Maybe I love looking at pantries so much because mine is the size of my pinky.

3. I want to try this. Right now.

4. Have you smelled creamy nutmeg from Bath & Body Works?? Amazing.

Have a great weekend. I think I’m off to find more of those wallflowers. They make your house smell divine.

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  1. wow that pantry IS amazing!! and I don't think i've smelled creamy nutmeg, i need to check that out! my favorite holiday scent is their Spiced Cider.. LOVE!


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