May 25, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 8}

This week probably could not have gone any slower...we're still  waiting for baby girl to decide she wants out. Seeing as we tried to keep her in for 4 months I thought we would have no problem when it was time. Apparently, she's pretty content to stay where she is :) Here are some things I've been loving the last couple weeks. Let's not talk about how most of them are food related, I am pregnant.

1. I am LOVING that sonic has half off shakes after 8pm all summer. Let's just say I have sent my husband out a lot the last couple weeks to fetch me a chocolate shake...

2. I also love that Insurgent came out. (the sequel to Divergent) It was so good and now I can't wait for number 3 :)

3. I have been loving being able to cook again and since I have been craving chocolate chip cookies my entire pregnancy was so excited to make my mom's recipe AND have them actually turn out. That is a feat people. I will definitely be posting her recipe because her cookies are amazing. However, don't be mad when they don't turn out. I've tried them maybe 100 times and this was the first time they tasted somewhat like hers. I think she leaves out a super secret ingredient...

4. This is the best idea. ever. I either need to start making some asap OR convince my husband that remote start for our car is a necessity with 3 babies in AZ heat. I'm voting for remote start but pretty sure I'll end up making them...

5. I think this is such a great idea. I always use up so much counter space for fruit that this would be very convenient. Or maybe for bread?...I'm going to need make me one. I've been feeling very ambitious lately with the projects I want to take on but I think I need to remember I'm having a baby next week. Weird.

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  1. Ahh you are having a baby next week!! So exciting!!!!

  2. I love your blog. I want to try those cookies and I am always looking for a good book to read so I will try out divergent. Since we both love hunger games I'm guessing I will like anything else you read.


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