Feb 4, 2013

Table Legs to Wreath Holder

The challenge last week was upcycle. I've had these table legs in my garage for months now, just waiting to be made into something beautiful. I fell in love with these curvy legs and knew they had some potential...I decided they were destined to be wreath/banner/welcome sign holders ;) I had been wanting to make one for awhile since I have too many wreaths to count and 3 wreaths on the door doesn't work out so well. Plus our porch is less than inviting and have been trying to figure out how to spruce it up. I first filled all of the holes in the table legs, bought wood pieces for the top & bottomat Hobby Lobby (about 75 cents a piece) . Then, I wood glued the wood pieces to each leg and let them dry. I spray painted the entire thing, sanded and antiqued them. Finally, I attached the hooks. I couldn't decide which hook I liked best so I used one of each and figured I could change them out later. Which is your favorite? I love giving old unused items a new purpose and think these will be a fun new addition to our home!


  1. That is so cute! And the wreath us adorable!
    Dee, The CSI Project

  2. What a great idea! It looks great.

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