Feb 27, 2013

Elegant Bathroom Makeover

Guys, I made it into the final 3 in SYTYC! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone for the votes. You guys are fantastic and I really really appreciate the support.

I love how last week's challenge turned out. I have hated my bathroom for the last 5 years. Let's just pretend it was the first owners who painted the bathroom that color. And let's also pretend my Mom didn't warn me that I would hate it and that it would turn the bathroom into a deep dark hole of a room mmmkay?? I've regretted painting it ever since and finally got the gumption to paint it back. My husband thought I was crazy going with white and told me it would take forever but lo and behold it didn't! I used Behr Paint & Primer in one and it seriously worked wonders! I covered that dark dark paint in only 2 and a half coats. Then I had the wonderful idea to paint my cabinets blue. Love. Them. I painted them my very favorite color, sanded the edges and used my all-time favorite glaze to finish it off. Then we hung my thrifted mirror up and I was one happy girl. It looks so big now {even though it truly is tiny} All I need is a fun light fixture/chandelier and it would be complete. I love my new elegant bathroom SO much compared to the black hole it was! Hope you like it too :)

My favorite part about this makeover was it was inexpensive, relatively easy, and quick! It was completely finished in about 6 hours. I had to break it up over 2 days while my little lovelies were sleeping :) And here's the breakdown...

-Behr Powdered Snow white paint...$32
-Thrifted mirror.................................$30
-Towels {Target. LOVE}.................free (I used Shopkicks for these)
-Rug {Anthropologie}......................$20
-Cabinets Blue Custom Mix..............free

Grand Total: Under $100!! And it makes a world of difference in our home! 


  1. I love that blue vanity! Beautiful!

  2. So confused... how did you get your fave paint color for the cabinets but it was free??


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