Jul 18, 2012

Pinned! Food. Food. Food.

I have been loving to cook/bake lately which is odd for me. I'm normally the type to opt for pizza in a heartbeat! I guess pinterest is to blame because I keep seeing all these recipes I want to try. Here are some of the ones I've tried and loved!

A friend from high school started the best food blog! She has all the best recipes that look devine. This bread recipe was SO good! I loved it. I love having fresh homemade bread and had gotten used to making it once a week before the baby. I think I'll have to get back into that routine again...

I made this Creamy Bacon Carbonara the other night and it was DElish!

This was last nights dinner and the husband and kids approved. I love finding meatless meals that are actually filling too! (I may or may not be a little weird about cooking meat. Plus it makes the meal SO much faster and easier to cook!)

Last but not least we tried this marinara sauce a couple weeks ago and it was so good! Plus I had a ton leftover to freeze, which makes for some easy dinners this week!

Have you tried any good recipes lately I need to try?? Do you find all of your recipes from Pinterest like I do? ;)

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