Apr 20, 2012

Friday Faves {no. 6}

1. I love this zig-zag tray. It’s sold, but I feel like it would be an easy DIY. Now I just need to find me a tray to paint.

2. These pillows are darling. I need to make them for my girls room asap.
3. These swim cover ups would be perfect for beach & lake trips. Except, I keep forgetting I’ll have a newborn this summer so we’ll see if I even make it out of the house ;)
cover up
4. This blanket is adorable. Now if only I could crochet…
5. Yet, another reason to learn how to crochet…giant doily rug


  1. I want to make the hooded coverup for my girls!! SOO stinkin cute. Is there a link for it? P.S. I dont have pinterest and i wont sign up cuz it will suck me in!

    1. oops! I definitely thought I put the link on there. Here it is... http://www.crafterhoursblog.com/2010/06/beach-towel-dresses-tutorial-ish.html Haha and good idea on the pinterest...I'm completely addicted.


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