Jun 9, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Hey everyone! Sorry for my month long hiatus...May brought on a lot of unexpected things...but now that we're all feeling better around here I figured I'd spend a little time on my very much neglected blog :) I've been trying all morning to upload some pictures of the projects I've been working on around here, but our lovely Mac does not like our outlets here and shuts down constantly! Anyone else have the same issue?? Anyways I'm so ready for summer and can't wait for Lake Powell next week so here are some things to get us excited for the heat!


I want this swimsuit from Anthro...so cute.

I want this swimsuit for my girls...adorable.

These look delicious and I'm pretty sure the girls would devour them (Apparently you just freeze capri suns and sliced fruit yummm)

This print is lovely...and now I want a fun striped umbrella for going to tthe beach

I am officially ready for summer to start! I'm hoping to get some tutorials up this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me & my lame computer :)

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  1. Pretty sure after the month you've had... you need to take a break ;)

    Can't wait to see some new stuff!


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