Mar 9, 2011

I'm Back :)

Hey Everyone! I decided to start this blog up again...after I had my first daughter I started this to sell some of the skirts I had made. It quickly dwindled after I got pregnant again, got put on bed rest and then had two children 18 months and under. Needless to say I didn't stop sewing but I've gotten a little more creative and have started to make more "fun" clothes for my girls. I get asked a lot where I buy their skirts, leggings, and hair I can say you can get there here at Sugar Baby! So go check out the skirt, legging and accessories pages to see some of the fun stuff you can get! I'm working on my etsy site so stay tuned but for now email me at to order anything! Also I'd love to do a custom piece for you. If you would like a certain color/size please email me and we can come with a very unique item for the darling in your life :) Another reason I started this blog was to show people where I get my inspiration. I always have people come to my house asking "How'd you make that?!" Let's get real here. I'm not very talented or crafty. I'm just really good at following directions. So watch out for some of the projects that I've found here in blogland and have made for my family and home. Thanks for stopping by!

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