May 28, 2013

My #SocialPower Issues

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I first heard about Social Power I thought it was a good idea but I was slightly confused. After watching the video and checking out the website, it's a really cool concept! First you log on and create a profile. Then either peruse the issues your peers have submitted, or add in an issue you think needs to be resolved. It should be an issue that affects you and those around you. Also, it should be something that could potentially have a resolution. It was interesting/entertaining to read people issues they have set up. Once your issue has 1,000 supporters it becomes an innitiative and can be resolved. Such a great idea that can make a difference! Although most of the issues are funny or random things, it's such an interesting concept.

You can watch the video here or on the Social Power website:

The issue I created was "I wish there was a charity you can donate clothing/household items that go straight to families in need". Everytime I donate my clothes to  Goodwill I think about how many families could benefit from my donations without having to buy them. I know there are so many families out there that need new clothes for their babies and I would love for my donations to go straight to them. 

You should definitely go check out Social Power, and while you are there support my issue!


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