Oct 11, 2011

Halloween Countdown Blocks

I got the idea here on Pinterest to make some countdown blocks. I was really excited because my husband had some extra wood on hand that was the perfect size. So I cut the blocks, modge podged some scrapbook paper to it, and then used my trusty friend's cricut to cut out the numbers and letters. I love how it turned out! I also love that it usually says something like "82 days til candy" because my kids love to play with them. Whatev! They still look cute and that's all that matters right?? Go ahead make your own! And while you're at it you should make your own modge podge because it works just as good and cost pennies :) Just mix 3:1 elmers glue to water. Or whatever ratio you want until you get a good consistancy...I got that idea from pinterest but apparently I forgot to pin it.  here is the website. Now go ahead and make your own blocks! We still have 20 days til Halloween!

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